Thorpe Open Water Swimming

Children’s OWS Courses

We are happy for your Children to swim from the age of 7 providing the following occurs

  • Able to swim 400m in the pool minimum
  • Will swim with parent/guardian at all times
  • Must swim with a chill swim float (available at reception)
  • Must have a NOWCA safety wristband (requires a unique email address for each person)

BUT we would prefer the children to join a course if possible!


We have 3 progressive levels each earning a certificate for children aged 7 – 15

Children must be able to swim minimum 200m in a swimming pool to join these courses.

Level 1
An introduction to open water swimming
Level 2
An introduction to open water safety procedures & race techniques
Level 3
Timed distances
If you at interested in the level 3, please talk to our coach, Lucy or email

All courses last 30 minutes & there must be an adult on site at all times while the children are in the water

Cost = £17.50

Please click on the course below for more course details or the ‘enter now’ button for booking.

All children must be healthy and injury free

Anyone who does not have a wet suit must come before the course to arrange pickup and hire of the suit
Parents must stay and be on site while their kids are being coached. Parents may be asked to volunteer to go in the water with groups of kids
All children must be members of NOWCA and wear their safety wristband when they enter into the water
A kids area will be available to the right of the entry to the water alongside the bridge where there will be a marked area including buoys for the children to swim around.
On completion of level one and level two there will be a level three available which is certificated distances. However all children must be accompanied by parents.
Limited places available. Courses subject to cancellation depending on Numbers and Weather
Risk assessment and emergency action plan documents are written for all the courses